NSCC provides entrepreneurship skills training and grants for senior citizens.

National Senior Citizens Centre (NSCC) and National Directorate of Employment led by the DG NSCC, Dr Emem Omokaro, visited Entrepreneurship skills enhancement training centers in the FCT to assess the Entrepreneurship skills enhancement training for older persons In Senior the  led indigenous crafts program.
The Goal of the initiative is to engage  senior citizens and challenge them mentally and physically as well as  enhance their quality of life by teaching them these skills as a means of livelihood.
The Seniors led indigenous crafts training workshops is being conducted across the 36 states of Nigerians 

coordinated by consultants with State & Zonal Supervisors with Monitoring by NSCC Technical teams.

Dr Emem Omokaro and her team were spotted observing the proceedings as well as speaking to senior citizens in Bwari  about the impact of the program in other to ascertain their level of satisfaction.

The initiative is also set to award grants to select Senior citizens engaged in indigenous ventures.


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