Otobo Challenges Wike, G5 to Reveal Personal Grudge Against Iyorcha Ayu_Ada Nkong

With the 2023 presidential election around the corner, a Policy Analyst, Mr Akor Otobo, calls on Governor Wike and his G-5 to allow reasoning prevail in Nigeria’s political scene.
Mr Otobo has demanded the G-5 to listen and heed to political wisdom, calls and appeals from several political fathers and mentors to create room for peaceful political election in the country.

Speaking, to our correspondent,Mr Otobo said the political affrontism of Mr Wike has been overtaken by political metamorphosis of the country. He said, Dr Iyorchia Ayu is not from Northern Nigeria and the same geopolitical zone with the Waziri of Adamawa, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku.

“Wike, out of political mysticism and myopicism thinks with oil revenue allocation of Rivers state, he can dictate the political games of Nigeria. He should borrow a leave from Amaechi’s experience in CPC & APC Class”.

“Nigeria is not made of two regions of North and south solely but North, Central(Middle belt), East, West, South South(old Midwestern), Minority Rivers of Port and Old Calabar zones, than tales told by forefathers to children that there was only one Northern Nigeria and an Islamic enclave, after crossing Iboland and Upper Yoruba landmass of Ilorin Emirates up”.

“Wike should know that Benue state is an integral mark of Middle Belt or Central Nigeria and a very distinct entity from Northern Nigeria. Therefore we citizens of Middle belt are entitled to political recognition, independence and allocations as they the minority Rivers,that the same Benue people liberated in the Nigeria civil war”.

He further said “how dare Wike ask Dr Iyorchia Ayu to step down the chairman of PDP in quest of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Wike who is clamouring for Rivers Independence and resource allocation is therefore happy that APC government robbed Middle belt states to give both Executive President and Senate President to Northern West and East zones,and Vice president and Speaker to Yoruba land to the detriment of Middle belt states”.

“Its unfortunate that Ortom is following Wike political pauperism and betraying Middle belt political sovereignty in Nigeria.
The struggle of Senator Saraki to sustain the political equilibrium of the Nigeria Middle beltan was lost because of political avaricism of the same south to robb and deny the central of their rights and recognition”.

Otobo said Wike should tell the world if Adamawa in North East is same as Benue state in Middle or Central region of Nigeria. In deciding political allocation the grid talks of Nigeria in South Western, Eastern, South South and formalised North Central or Middle into one Northern Nigeria.
“Wike should tell Nigerians his personal grudge against Dr Iyorchia Ayu and not camouflage in the politics of Northernism. Ortom who was mocked by Wike of not providing basic facilities in Benue state ,now follows him up and down and witnesses flyovers in Rivers state, yet the road to his(Ortom) village is not provided and entire Benue in abject poverty of development. The absentee Governor is eyeing senate without projects in eight years. Definitely if PDP wins they will restructure the party political offices as current Officers will assume portfolio Executive duties and Party Chairman can go to Southern states”. .

Otobo said the G- 5 Givernors should allow reasoning prevail to enable PDP provide succour to the APC eight years calamity and Nigerians experience free democratic government


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