World Toilet Summit 2022: Stakeholders Call for Increased Political Will to End Open Defecation _Ada Nkong

As Nigeria plays host to the world for the 2022 world toilet day Celebration, stakeholders have called on Federal Government to sustain and increase the political will to end open defecation in Nigeria.

The representative, organized private sector WASH (OPS-WASH) Dr Nicholas Igwe made the call during his good will message at the celebration. According to him, OPS-WASH is willing to increase its contribution and is working on getting more sponsors to ensure that Nigeria attains open defecation free status.

On her part, the UNICEF representative in Nigeria,Cristian Munduate called for Increased sponsorship as this will ensure equitable access to basic sanitation for children. She said that will guarantee the rights of millions of children to a clean and healthy environment. She further applauded Nigeria for the open defecation free status attained by Jigawa state.

South Africa’s deputy minister for water and sanitation, David Mahlobo lamented that issues that have to do with water and sanitation are no longer on the top of the agenda while issues like the Russia- Ukraine war are on the front burner. He called on the united nations to lend it’s voice to ensure that water and sanitation remain on top of the agenda because it is about life and dignity. According to him, more than 84% 90lll of South Africans have access to sanitation services while more than 90 % have access to water.

The founder world toilet organization, Jack Sim said the summit was not just an event but a legacy for the WTO and Nigeria to continue their work together.He said the WTO drives demand for sanitation and provide incentives people to embrace toilet provision. Mr Sim further said having toilets and learning to be clean could also end corruption in the country.

The Minister for water resources Engr. Suleiman Adamu in his speech,welcomed all participants to Nigeria . He said the celebration afford us an opportunity to highlight milestones in Nigeria’s journey to ending open defecation.

The minister appreciated all who have supported Nigeria in it’s efforts so far and in particular Vice-president Yemi Osinbajo’s commitment to matters concerning the clean Nigeria campaign and said the occasion will be used to celebrate ODF status in local government areas in the country.He further expressed the expectation that the world toilet summit 2022 will bequeath a lasting legacy to Nigeria.

The theme for the 2022 world toilet summit is “Sanitation Innovation for economic development”.


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