(Videos)Governorship and State Assembly Elections: Low Voter Turnout Widespread _Ada Nkong

Though materials and officials arrived early at the polling units, voters were visibly absent or turned out in trickles at the polling units visited by our correspondent.

In polling unit 008 and 005 Maraba ,Karu LGA of Nasarawa state where voters thronged out as early as 6 am during the presidential elections, there was little indication up to 9 am that voters were aware of the elections.

Surprisingly, movement was much especially bikes and tricycles with some commercial vehicles scouting for passengers.

Voters who spoke to Newsanexonline attributed the widespread voter apathy which was confirmed from our sources in Edo, Delta, Ondo and some other states to disenfranchisement with the outcome of the presidential elections.

In most of the polling units, the BVAS machine functioned smoothly and accreditation and voting was peaceful. At polling unit 119 though the thumbprint refused to work, face recognition was used to ensure voting takes place though the officials expressed disappointment with the low turnout of voters.


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