2nd Aviation National Conference: Carbon Footprints Reduction,40% TSA Deduction Tops Communique _Ada Nkong

Federal Government and Aviation Regulators have been urged to take steps to reduce carbon footprints by 50 percent. This was part of the resolutions issued in a Communique at the end of the second National Aviation Conference in Abuja. The participants also called for a review of the 40 percent TSA deduction.

The five day national aviation conference  putt together by FAANunheld in Abuja had stakeholders brainstorm on how the aviation industry in Nigeria can be sustained. 

Issues ranging from reduction of the carbon footprints, high airfares, workers welfare and transformation of the Nigerian aviation to a regional hub were extensively discussed.

At the end, a communique read by the alternate planning committee chairman ,Bath MacAbraham-Inajoh was issued at the end of the conference proffering solutions to a wide range of issues in the Among other things, stakeholders were called upon to take active steps to reduce carbon footprints by 50% by the year 2030.

The need to review the 40% TSA deduction was also brought to the fore. Increased collaboration between agencies, training and retraining of staff as well as developing cargo airports where the land mass is available was added.

FAAN as an airport manger was urged to do more non aeronautic activities that generate revenue to make it more profit oriented.

The MD FAAN represented by the director.  thanked participants for their commitment to the conference and gave assurance that the suggestions would be looked into.

The issue of high fares however may not be over anytime soon as the MD Airpeace Allen Onyeama gave the cost of a operating one seat on an airline at 68,000 lamenting the various taxes and deductions.


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